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Testing, Testing!

seaweedAs you all know, chilli plants are delicate creatures that need to be constantly watched over and cared for. In order to provide the best for our plantation this year we decided to test a new seaweed-based plant feed and to stick with it for the rest of the season to see how it truly goes.

Before placing a bulk order we initially tested a small batch of the stuff and compared it to another commercially available one that we had used in the past few weeks. Technically they are more or less the same but after careful comparisons we realised that truly the former is like a fresh roast dinner with all the trimmings straight out of the oven when the latter is more like a frozen meal for one from Tesco. They might have the same ingredients but it’s what you do with it which makes all the difference.

So who is the provider of such a wonderful Seaweed feed? Well it’s from Shropshire Seaweed in the UK, who are 100 miles from the sea. Yes, a company that makes awesome seaweed products and isn’t even next to the sea – the mind boggles.

So without wanting to appear really commercial, we have a rule at Bountiful Seeds that when we find a good supplier of anything, we promote them the best we can so you can find Shropshire Seaweed products online from their website and also from their amazon shop. For the socialites out there they also have a Facebook page that you may want to visit to keep up to date with any information they share.

For now our plants are thriving on this seaweed feed and we cannot wait to see them reach full maturity so keep an eye out for our latest updates and pics!

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